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Why Buy From Us?

Ten Reasons to Buy From Imperial Cars

  1. The majority of our stock we source and supply are 1 owner service history vehicles
  2. We able offer you the best money for your part exchange vehicle.

    Part Exchange Explained
    Our dedicated valuation team are always on hand to provide you with your part exchange price. Unfortunately we are unable to value your car over the phone or by email.

    For a full Valuation you must bring your vehicle to Imperial Cars. Please ensure that you remember to bring all the relevant documents for your car.

    • V5 registration document
    • MOT (if applicable)
    • Service History

    Please appreciate that many factors are taken into consideration when we value your car in part exchange. Including age, condition, documentation, ownership and specification.

    NB. Imperial Cars accept all vehicles in part exchange.

  3. We have an excellent relationship with our funding associates and are therefore able to offer you Flexible Financing Options, tailor made to suit your needs.

  4. Once you have chosen your car, you can even drive it home the very same day. Just remember to bring
    • Full Driving Licence
    • Utility Bill
    • Photo ID
    • Part Exchange Documents
      • Registration Document/V5
      • Service History/Invoices
      • MOT

  5. We have more choice with over 250 cars in stock, all on 1 site. If we don't have what you're looking for we'll find it for you.

  6. All vehicles are HPI checked. hpi checked

    What does a HPI check mean?

    Outstanding finance*
    HPI uses the UK's most accurate database of finance agreements, with over 7 million current records. 24 out of every 100 vehicles checked with HPI turn out to have outstanding car finance. If the loan remains unpaid when the car changes hands, you stand to lose the car or the money outstanding on it.

    Previous damage*
    4 out of every 100 vehicles checked with HPI has been written off a result of damage or theft. Although some can be safely repaired and put back on the road, others are only fit for scrap. Since 1997, the HPI Check has used the Association of British Insurers' coding on the level of damage sustained, helping you tell the difference.

    Inspection report*
    The HPI car history check will tell you if a vehicle that was previously declared a total loss has passed an independent structural examination and is now deemed as being roadworthy. If the seller cannot provide a Thatcham approved inspection report, copies of most inspections are available from HPI at additional cost.

    Stolen vehicles*
    HPI identifies nearly 30 stolen vehicles every day. Sourcing information from the Police National Computer, every day HPI confirms that over 100 vehicles for sale are actually stolen.

    Plate transfer*
    15 out of every 100 cars checked by HPI has at least one plate change. Usually there is nothing to worry about, but a change of plate can be used to hide a car's past. By searching nearly 4 million records stretching back over 10 years - further than any other source - the HPI Check will investigate the reason for any plate change and reveal potential problems such as if the car was a write off in a former life.

    National Mileage Register*
    The HPI Check uses the database of the National Mileage Register to search around 85 million records. It provides the best intelligence available to protect against Clocking and will help you decide whether the car that's showing a mileage of 32,000 may have actually covered 132,000 miles.

    Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)*
    HPI will tell you whether the VRM and the VIN correspond to DVLA and DVLNI records. If they don't, you may be looking at a ringer. Always check that the vehicle's identification numbers stamped into the bodywork, on the chassis plate and behind the windscreen match the documentation and look original.

    Vehicle identity*
    The HPI Check will reveal if the GTi that's caught your eye is really a CL in disguise. Using over 60 million entries recorded at the DVLA and DVLNI (N. Ireland), it confirms the make, model, derivative, where possible, (i.e. different types of a particular model such as special and luxury editions), door plan, vehicle's current colour & prior colour, transmission, and engine size, as well as how many times it has changed hands. You'll also be told the year the car was manufactured and the date it was first registered.

    Security Watch*
    Many types of organisation (such as car rental companies) use HPI's Security Watch service to register vehicles that should not be put up for sale. The HPI Check will tell you if the car you want to buy is one of 120,000 vehicles that could be being sold illegally.

    Using industry data that is updated monthly, the HPI Check will indicate the current market value of the car you're considering buying - so you can see if you're getting a good deal.

    Document Check*
    HPI's document check facility allows you to find out if the paperwork is suspect. We check the V5 registration documents issue date and serial number.

    CO2 Rating*
    Using data from DVLA, we are able to tell you what the CO2 rating is on the car you are considering buying. Providing you with this information is our way of helping you do something positive about the environmental impact of your next car purchase.

    * All HPI Check information and statistics have been sourced directly from

  7. We are an FSA approved Dealer (Financial Services Authority)

  8. We offer you total reassurance with The Imperial Protect Range which includes...

    Imperial Cars warranty could cover your car against the majority of expensive major mechanical and electrical failures. With comprehensive cover at competitive prices a warranty can help you manage your motoring costs for up to 48 months.

    Return to Invoice Insurance
    In the event of a total loss insurance claim, RTI Gap Insurance will pay you back any shortfall between the insurance payout and the invoice price on your car.

    GAP Insurance
    GAP insurance will insure one for the difference between what one would owe on a vehicle and what an insurance company says its worth. This insurance is a must for someone who is considering purchasing a new vehicle since a new vehicle depreciates right after it is driven off the dealer's lot.

    MOT Cover
    This covers the cost of specified parts and labour necessary to rectify some faults which cause a vehicle to fail the MOT test.

    Tyre Insurance
    Designed to cover the cost of having to repair or replace a tyre that has suffered accidental or malicious damage, cover is extended to all 5 tyres including the spare.

    Key Protection
    Designed to reduce the distress and worry of losing your keys, as well as the expense of having to replace them. Key protection will even keep you mobile in the event that you are stranded by the theft or loss of your car keys.

    Breakdown Assistance
    Provides roadside assistance including flat tyres, recovery and home assistance.

    GardX Vehicle Protection System 8 Year Warranty
    The two stage Gardx Paintwork Protection System gives 4 layers of protection against almost any harmful elements that it is likely to come up against, such as acid rain, road salt detergents and the sun's UV rays.

  9. Even after you have bought your car from us, we will remain on hand to help with any after sales query.

  10. We Guarantee that once an Imperial Cars Customer always an Imperial Cars Customer..

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